Unlike Neil Gaiman, she is probably hoping he doesn’t start the New Year with a mistake. Still – try new things.

When I pair an image with a quote, I’m hoping for something that challenges viewers or makes them think.  I’m sure when I picked this one I was thinking — yes, yes, try new things!  Really push yourself.

This morning, as I stumble out of bed and begin to post it I realize – um, no.  This would not be a good time to make a mistake.

Ah, well.  Clearly, I made a bit of a mistake.  And really this is still a valid quote.

So what new things are you trying this year?  Me?  I’m going to make another attempt at journaling.  You have no clue how many times I’ve tried this and failed.  But I am a compulsive list maker so I’m going to try a bulleted journal.  I’ll be getting started on that this afternoon in my warm, fabulous dining room.  We are supposed to be getting ice and have been warned to stay off the road.  So I’ll scare up a journal or a notebook, my markers and colored pencils and get creative.

Part of the reason that I’ve chosen this particular thing to try is that I feel God calling me to spend less time online.  Yes, it is a great way to connect with people like my gal pals here but it is also endless.  I need to get back to more concrete activities.  Hence, this project in paper.