It seems funny that I’m telling people to connect face-to-face when so much of my work is online.  Sadly, I think that the problem is that screens make it to easy for us to forget that behind that opinion is a human being.  We want to slap down that discouraging, hate-filled image so we post something that is often no less hate-filled.

My recommendation?  Before you comment, think about the person behind the post.  Would you say this to his or her face?  And I’m not asking if you have the nerve to be a punk.  That’s nothing today.

Do you have the nerve to say the hard thing that needs to be said but say it out of love?  Do you have the nerve to see this person as a fellow child of God and still say “I’m sorry but your behavior?  Your words, right here?  Not acceptable.”

We need that human connection.  Some of us get it face to face.  Admittedly that is the easiest.

But inclement weather and illness can get in the way of that person-to-person contact.  When that happens, remember – behind that image, behind that opinion is a broken, fallible child of God.  Truly connect.