I’ll never claim to be a champion at meditation.  My mind is far too busy and loud for that.   But I truly understand the value of silence.  It is when I stand a small chance of hearing God.

And this time of year that is essential. As much as I love Christmas, I understand the people who don’t. There are just so many demands on your time and energy.  Every thing you accomplish is done at the expense of two other things you let slide.  And someone is going to speak up and tell you that you did it wrong.


This year, my emotional smack came in a Christmas card served up under a patina of holiday glitter. And I’ll admit that I’m still trying to sort myself out after that one.  Why?  Because I’ve got things to get done and people to see when what I need to do is retreat and recover.

Silence and peace.  They really do come hand in hand.

We can’t do everything for everyone. But we can spend some time connecting with God – our source of Light and Life and Love.