The quote is a little convoluted but I can’t help but believe that the idea it expresses is an important one.  So often, we don’t act when we could because we are afraid what other people will say.

They will judge.

They will whisper.

They will criticize.

And the reality is that yes they will.  But should we let that stop us?  Recently, I worked the church craft fair with a friend.  I was in charge of the church craft booth.  I still laugh when I say that because I was surrounded by people telling me what to do.  It was kind of hard not to think of myself as the scape goat.

But working with my friend, who is in charge of the fair as a whole, we had a lot of fun.  And we have some new plans for next year.  Sure, the changes that we plan to make will mean more fussing but that’s okay.  Working together we can share a laugh and keep on keeping on. When you’re acting for Him, it doesn’t make sense to let them hold you back.