Years ago, I contemplated the life of a friend. One of her children had just gotten out of the hospital.  I don’t remember why but she’d had to have throat surgery. Her son, who was about six, had been diagnosed diabetic.  And if you managed to get her on the phone, all was good. Me? I’d have probably crawled under the bed and refused to come out.

But she is one of those glass half full kinds of people.  Not only is the glass half full, but she’ll notice if she happens upon something to fill it the rest of the way. She’s got a can-do spirit.

Can do people like my friend see the opportunities.  They spot the possibilities.  And with each one they see, more appear.

What a blessing!   And I’m truly grateful for all of the people God has gifted with a can-do spirit.  These opportunity makers are angels among us. Thank you, God.