Have you noticed how many people feel strongly about both the Cross and the Flag?  They have no qualms about stating that both are of primary importance.  Which is cool.  I guess.  If it works.

But it seems like the majority of people who manage to pull this off are a bit Old Testament.  “The problem was that they didn’t go in and kill all the foreigners like God told them to do.”  “They tolerated people who believed other things.  That’s what got them in trouble.”  It’s amazing the things I overhear simply because people assume that as a Christian I will agree with them no matter what they say.

Sorry guys.  I too manage to hold both the Flag and the Cross in my heart.  But I’m holding the Cross of Christ.  When Jesus came, he preached a message of love, mercy and forgiveness.  He directed his followers to take care of those around them.

That may be what makes my expectations for the Flag a bit different from those of many people.  The mayor of Puerto Rico should not be begging us for help.  There should have been no question of raising shipping limits.

The Cross and the Flag.  The Flag and the Cross.  I have no problems reconciling the two.