It doesn’t matter how great you think your country is, there is probably something you would love to change.  Think about what that is.  Now think what action you can take to bring that about.

I’m a writer so, among other things, literacy and books are very important to me.  And clearly I’m not the only person who wants to encourage people to read.  I say clearly because I just read a series of posts on Facebook about Little Free Libraries in my area.  I’d spotted one of them but not the others.  I will now be on the lookout.

I also saw a Tweet about a woman who is giving books to Trick-or-Treaters.  That sounds like fun but we tend to get something like 100 kids.  This thought would make my husband super happy and he’d probably even volunteer to haul the books to the front door.  And really, as I look around my office, I realize that I’ve got 600+ books in here with me.  Another 100 or so in my bedroom.  Maybe, just maybe…