I have to admit it.  For those of you who hadn’t already figured it out – I was  and still am an Obama fangirl.  This is one of my favorite Obama quotes.

At the moment, there are so many causes and situations where people need our help.  There are still protests going on in my area.  Protests than can easily become another act of violence against African-Americans.  Protests that, after dark when new participants come out, easily turn into riots.

There are so many people throughout the US and the Caribbean who need post-hurricane help.  Efforts to help those in Puerto Rico again and again seem to be hobbled by politics.

Mexico City.  Bangladesh.  Syria.  The list goes on and on.

It can feel overwhelming to the point that we want to pull back and pull into ourselves.  And you may need to do that for a while.  Perhaps you’ve been sick.  Or you’re going through a divorce.  Or there is something else on your plate, something that is pulling down your energy, sapping your strength, and leaving you numb.

And that’s okay.  After all, even as we look over each other, sometimes we are among those who needs some TLC.