What does your life say about your beliefs?  

Pastor Sean is one of the kindest people that I know.  He’s patient with the children.  He’s a listening ear for the aged.  He visits the sick.  He reaches out in our community.  He is also one of the first people to remind you to filter what you are experiencing or worrying about through God’s love.  It is God’s love he is sharing far and wide and it is easy to see this in his action.

One of my new friends, Ellie, brings our attention to mentions of the Earth in prayer, song, and scripture.  Banners, bulletin boards and more catch her attention.  She is a tireless advocate for the charge God gave us to care for His Creation.  No one can know Ellie for 10 minutes without knowing this.

Social justice, education, relief from needless stress.  Health, trying new things, quiet help.  All of these things and more are where various friends place their passion and their faith.  And each is obvious from how they live.

Just something to consider as we go about our days.