Don’t think I’m a Polly Anna. There are situations where you just can’t expect someone to be grateful.  When my friend recently lost her husband and son in a hiking accident, another friend told her she could be grateful that their deaths increased the knowledge of those around them and will thus save lives.

I’m 98% certain that the choking noise I made was audible.  No, no, no!  That is not what I mean when I recommend having an attitude of gratitude. Don’t be silly.

But there are other things that have happened for which she is truly grateful.  There’s the AT&T rep who spent time helping her figure out how to reduce her monthly bill by a significant amount.  Last night a neighbor moved her husband’s pick up.  It’s a beast and my friend needs to be taught to drive something that massive.  But until then she’s found someone who is more than willing to shift it for her.  Another friend drove the truck home from New Mexico.  More gratitude.

And it is helping to bring her peace.  She knows that if she gives a shout out on Facebook, someone will step up with the knowledge she needs to face the next problem.  And through this peace, no matter how small in these days of sorrow, she has hope for tomorrow.

A vision?  A plan.  No, that hasn’t come yet.  But it will.  And when it does, we’ll celebrate.

Gratitude.  It really is a tricky thing when times are tough.  But look for the helpers.  Look for those acting as the hands and feet of Christ.  When and where you can, give thanks.  It will lighten your load and lift your heart.