How often do we wait for or expect perfection?  We wait for the perfect moment to start a project.  We look for the perfect rug, vase or mirror to finish decorating a room.  We get mad when things aren’t perfect.

Which is pretty hilarious given the fact that none of us are perfect.  But that’s okay.  God uses us anyway.

In fact God makes a habit of fishing us out of the bent basket and sending us off to do what needs doing.  Just look at those he called in the Bible. Moses had no skill in public speaking and suggested that his brother be called instead.  Martha was a do-er but it seems to have come with a temper.  Why isn’t she helping me?  Make her do it!  Paul?  He started his career persecuting the Jews. King David?  Thow shalt not commit adultery seems to have slipped his mind.

Yet, they were called by God.  Just as we are called by God.

Don’t wait for the perfect person to show up to do the job.  If it helps, think of yourself as perfectly imperfect.