dawnOn Ash Wednesday, our pastor talked about Lent and what the word itself means.  Light.

Really?  I hadn’t heard about that before so I looked it up.  Lent is from the Old English lencten or lengthen.  This was the word for spring but it literally meant lengthening as in more hours of day light.

Lent.  Light.  Lengthening or more light.

This has me looking at Lent in a slightly different way.  What is it that stands between me and God’s light?  Why am I not experiencing his love as fully as I should?  What is keeping others from seeing this light in me?

Last week, I posted about preconceived notions, specifically how I see the Cross, and my religion, vs how other people see it. I wish that was all that stood between me and the light.  But if I’m being honest with myself it isn’t.

Let’s just say that my irritability level has been a little high lately.  It seems like if someone isn’t trying to micromanage me (pet peeve!), they are failing to come through with whatever it was they promised to do.  As much as I would like to fix these people, it really isn’t possible. But I can change how I react to them.

So I’m praying. I am praying for compassion and insight. I am praying for patience and understanding. Of course, I’m also making sure that when someone doesn’t come through I can cover whatever it is that needs to be covered.  But I’m praying for the means to do it without attitude but with compassion. I’m not expecting this to be a quick fix but the good news is that Lent lasts for forty days.

Day by day, prayer by prayer, I will turn toward the light.  As I do, I hope to reflect that light outward so that other people can see His love.