epiphanyLori’s epiphany post was, no great surprise, something of an epiphany. It was just what I needed. I’m one of those people who forgets that the Wise Guys, as we call them in our house, didn’t arrive while Baby Jesus was still a baby. This was, after all, a multinational effort and it took a while for everyone to get it together.

From the moment of his birth through his own ministry, Christ was an agent of great change.  Great change happens slowly.  Some of us would be capable of moving forward quickly.  But not everyone.  To get everyone there will take more time.

This week, I read about a football coach who wanted to boys to learn to work together as a team.  Before he sent them around the track, he told them that they had to stay together.  This meant running at the pace of the slowest player.

The first lap, the stellar athletes finished way ahead of the slowest athletes.  It was pretty much business as usual.  He stopped them and once again explained what he wanted.

The second lap ended much like the first. He explained yet again. “Watch the boys at the back. You have to stay with them.  You are in this together.” The third lap they finally finished together.

Us?  I think we’re still trying to get the message.

We have seen the star.  We are moving towards it.  It’s just going to take us a while to get there — together.