elie-wieselI don’t know about you but I’ve had about enough of 2016. The negativity. The harsh judgements.  The whining and griping.

And I’m not just talking between people at opposite ends of the political spectrum. A close friend brought up politics at Christmas dinner. Because she’s a friend I thought I could speak my mind. “I think the biggest problem is that we don’t listen to each other.”

Honestly, I’m 98% certain that her head spun around in a complete circle. But do you know the really crazy part?  We are both political liberals.  If two people who are on the same end of the spectrum can’t hold a discussion and listen to each other, doesn’t this kind of prove my point?

The negativity needs to end. We need to spend some time spreading light.

And with that in mind, a friend started the Facebook page Inaugurate Light.  As it says in the description:

“Launch is a synonym of inaugurate, and Inaugurate Light is a group of Facebook friends who banded together to launch messages of light and love, comfort and compassion, freedom and equality across social media during the month of January. Regardless of your political opinions or affiliations, it is our hope that at least some of these messages will touch your hearts and open your minds, and that you will also share the message to continue to spread light in these divided, uncertain times.”

Visit there throughout the month of January for positive quotes and memes.  If you feel moved, help us spread the light by sharing posts wherever you are active on social media. I will be sharing things on my Facebook wall  and on Twitter (@SueBEdwards).  If you would like, I can also share things here.

Help us shine a light on all that is good and right in the world. Working together, we can push the darkness back.