Watching the news today, the anchor said, “This is the West Coast edition,” and it made the conspiracy-theorist in me take note.

What are they NOT telling us on the East Coast edition of the news?

Things they keep quiet?

Backroom deals? Unholy alliances?

Then I donned a disguise, contacted a secret source, and discovered the truth.

Now, I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you. 🙂

I jest, of course, kind people!

All of my usual absurdity is just to lead into a significant subject in the (hidden) news lately.

The importance of a free press.

President-elect Donald Trump made minor waves the other day when he ditched the press corps and quietly slipped out to a fancy restaurant for some red meat and private time.

This may not seem like a big deal. He’s just been through an epic battle to win the presidency. The man should be able to eat in peace. I get that.

Here’s the thing. The press is one of the checks and balances we count on as a democratic society. We need to be informed of the things the leader of the free world is doing, so it does matter that we know where he is.

CNN Reporter Brian Stelter summed it up neatly: “In an emergency, the journalists quickly relay information, helping the president and his aides inform and reassure Americans. This was vital on 9/11, for example.”

Now, the way it’s done in England is a vastly different approach.

The Prime Minister holds press conferences, but in addition, every Wednesday, Theresa May shows up in person and answers questions from members of Parliament during “Prime Minister’s Question Time.”  It’s not always substantive – each representative has their own agenda and often it becomes an ideological tug-of-war, but it’s so unusual to see a country’s leader speaking on the issues every week.

Maybe it’s time for an American version of this – “President’s Question Time?”

Just an idea. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with checking random strangers’ Twitter feeds to find out what the new Prez is up to these days.