honor-1389241_1920This afternoon, my family and I donned our funeral black and took our places in the back row. We were at a funeral for someone we didn’t know. She was the wife of my son’s scout master and I have to say, I wish I had known her.

First her brother-in-law got up and talked about how much he and her husband loved to travel.  She didn’t but she went along because they loved it.  Because it was important to them, it was important to her and they felt her love.

Then her son spoke about how overwhelming it was to have a standing-room-only crowd at his mother’s funeral. But he knew that so many people were there because everyone, absolutely everyone, had been welcome in her home. Sit at her table and you knew you were loved.

Next up was her other son.  He mentioned how hard it was going to be to get used to doing the things that she did for everyone simply because she loved them.  In fact, as he put on his jacket, he noticed a small tear in the seam.  His first thought – maybe Mom will have time to fix it.  And she would have found the time and he would have felt her love.

Then came her sister and great-niece.  The girl read a letter written by her grandmother.  She talked about how they had been forced to move to Missouri when their parents died but this hadn’t shaken her sister’s surety that they were loved and her ability to share love with others.

A nephew spoke about how, when he lost his job as an electrical contractor, she had come up with work for him to do around the house and then insisted on over-paying him.  A daughter-in-law told about being accepted as family by date #3.  She also spoke about how this woman’s love for everyone was an extension of her love for God.

This reminded me of the Gandhi quote.  He once told a reporter that his life was his message to the world. Clearly, this woman’s life was her message.  And it was a message that the world so badly needs today.  I love you because He loves you.

I may not have known this woman but I can accept the challenge issued by her pastor. Lord, like her, let my life be your message to the world.