It’s been a real struggle this week to pick a single subject to write about.  The Bundy group were acquitted of seizing, holding and damaging federal property on the same day over 100 Dakota Access Pipeline protectors were arrested.  Hate crimes are up in the UK since Brexit.  Teachers are seeing more hate every day as students shout others down, using the behavior of a certain presidential candidate as an excuse.

So much hate.  So much rage.  And you know that means so much fear.

But then I saw this amazing news story about a boy named Campbell.

Campbell is one of nine so when he asked his mom if they could buy presents for children in the hospital, she told him that they couldn’t afford to do it.  She did agree to him making presents, thinking that he would paint pictures.  Campbell decided to sew teddy bears instead. Step #1? He had to learn to read a pattern and sew.

Mom hasn’t kept track of how many he’s made but estimates 700 bears.  700 bears given to sick, scared children in the hospital.

Thank you for being His hands and feet, Campbell.  You are a true inspiration.