season-of-peace-logo3When you mention a season of peace, I’m inclined to think of Christmas and the dove. But right now is the Season of Peace in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

This is the season leading up to World Communion on October 2.  The emphasis this next month is on peacemaking, peacekeeping and community building. There is also an emphasis on ecumenical cooperation, people of different faith backgrounds working together. This is a time for people of different belief systems to come together and work to help those who are practically powerless as they stand against those who abuse their power.

I practically did a happy dance when I saw that, as part of this, the Church stands in support of the protectors working to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. What does this have to do with ecumenical community building?

Not only will this pipeline threaten the reservations water supply, bulldozers are already tearing up sacred burial grounds to put the pipeline in place. Sacred burial ground. Protectors have also pointed out that they are trying to halt or lessen damage to the sacred environment. They say it is sacred, but the dominant culture says it is not. The oil companies say it is not.

Protectors have set up prayer camps. The state government has removed their water.  Something tells me that they don’t see the irony in that. People of power are frequently irony impaired.

Me? I’m standing with the church, the earth and the people of Standing Rock. I have to constantly remind myself that this is, still, A Season of Peace.  I’m a fighter, a scrapper whose willing to stand up and shout for what I believe.  Right now I’m sending up prayers for a peaceful solution.  But I’m also speaking up and speaking out.  I raise my eyes and my voice to the Lord, hear our prayers for these men and women who are standing to support the water that all life requires.  Oh, Lord, help protect the sacred waters.