My friend Maria is something of a globetrotter, and everywhere she goes, she experiences miracles. From statues of Mary that appear to weep (and yes, she investigated for leaks or other scientific explanations and found none) to a recent trip to a shrine in Costa Rica that somehow gave her the spiritual fortitude to withstand a traumatic robbery shortly afterward, wherever Maria goes, miracles appear. You might call her a miracle magnet.

Why is my friend so prone to experience these intense instances of God’s love? I think the answer is quite simple: She looks for them. In the same way a person wearing 3-D glasses is capable of experiencing special movie effects, Maria’s eyes are attuned to God’s providence as it plays out in our everyday lives. She sees what others do not because she is gifted with an openness that the rest of us, whether out of busy-ness or cynicism, choose to ignore.

Think of infants. Everything must be a miracle to them. That they cry and their needs are met. That objects have such intense colors, shapes and textures. Even their own fingers and toes — miracles. We somehow lose this sense of wonder as we grow up. Objects become ordinary. Sunshine and rain turn into mundane weather patterns. When something wonderful happens, if we notice it at all, we attribute it to “good luck” or “hard work.” We fail to see it as the miracle it is.

I am blessed to know Maria because she keeps me on my toes, miraculously speaking. After we have one of our long, companionable chats, I see with new eyes. The world seems sharper and more focused. I remember to thank God for the relationships that sustain me. I marvel all over again at the God who, indeed (as Maria reminded me) knew us before we were born, who knows us right down to the cellular level.

My challenge for you this week? Try to break down the walls that prevent you from seeing the multiple, many miracles that surround you. Look with fresh eyes. Take a moment to feel how deeply you are loved. Think less about what is missing and more about what you have. May your week be truly miraculous!