sari skirts

2 of my skirts

I have some strange attitudes about how I spend my money.  I prefer to support companies whose values are comparable to my own.  This doesn’t mean that I look for companies that purport to be Christian.  Too often the leadership within these companies waves the Bible around while treating one group of people or another like trash.

Instead, I look for companies that take care of the planet as well as my fellow human beings.  One of these companies is Darn Good Yarn. They not only reduce the trash going into landfills but have also created jobs for women in India and Nepal.

The funny thing? I first looked into this company because I knit and crochet but I still haven’t placed my first yarn order.  Nope, I ordered a set of sari silk wrap skirts.

The skirts are made out of sari silk fabric remnants.  Examine a skirt closely and you can see how pieces of fabric were sewn together to make a piece long enough for a skirt.  As I wrap and tie and straighten, I imagine the woman who stitched it together. Her work at one of the cooperatives that supplies these skirts allows her to support herself and her family. Using sari remnants means that these glorious pieces of fabric stay out of the landfill.

The company also sells ribbon yarn cut from sari fabric as well as natural yarns hand-made in small batches. The yarns are created by women in Nepal and India. I haven’t decided yet what to buy.  I may end up joining the monthly yarn club.  Until then, whenever I drape myself in one of their skirts, I say a little prayer for the women who created it as well as those who are helping them support their families.


PS. If you shop with a company that helps people or the planet, recommend it in the comments so we can all support them.