Powerful words imageWhen Eric Clapton fell in love with Patti Boyd, it inspired him to write the classic rock song, “Layla.” This would be a romantic story, except for the fact that the love of his life was married to his friend, George Harrison, at the time.

Somehow, in the song’s lyrics, Clapton was able to spin this situation into something positive.

“Tried to give you consolation when your old man had let you down,” he wrote.

It almost seems noble, when you hear the tale told that way!

That’s the power of a euphemism.

Many years ago, I worked at a pharmaceutical company, and there was a hostile takeover. My department was eliminated, along with thousands of other employees, but oddly, the company referred to the mass lay-offs as an “optimization.”

That was exactly the opposite of what those of us who were let go experienced. It surely didn’t feel optimal to us.

Here’s one time no euphemism or hyperbole is needed: God is Love.

It’s not a cliche’ or a play on words. It doesn’t stand for something else. This phrase says exactly what it means.

People may not always live up to their hype or keep all of their promises, but love? Heck, it:

  • Never fails
  • Is patient & kind
  • Covers a multitude of sins
  • Casts out all fear

To sum it up, it makes the world go ‘round.

Powerful words, indeed.