three little cover

Opinions are like elbows – everybody’s got one, and sometimes they’re out of joint.

With so many troubling things going on in the world today, everybody has a theory about why these things happen, and what to do about them.

I think that there are some good, solid values that endure, despite the fact that times are constantly changing.

If positive attributes had Christian names, we might be more inclined to take them to heart.

Grace: your friend who calls before you even know you’re down in the dumps. She shows up at the door with fresh-baked muffins while you’re still on the phone and takes your mind off of your troubles.

Moxie: a sweet little girl in pig-tails who never gives up. You see her at the end of the block, playing hopscotch like an Olympian, even when it starts to rain. Winning the game is her goal and she will not be deterred!

Joy: that shelter dog you’ve seen on the internet who has worked her way into your heart. A two-minute video of that pup wagging her tail and tilting her head tells you she’s already chosen you. It’s just a matter of time before you come around and head to the shelter to pick her up.

We’ve all got troubles to deal with, but there’s a way to meet them head on.

Being gracious in a hectic world, being tenacious when trials come your way, and being vivacious when your heart’s almost bursting from blessings.

Oh, and lest we forget: there’s your cousin. The one who keeps sending you encouraging emails and checks on you when you’re sick. Her name? Faith, of course.