The spring right before the road.

The spring right before the road.

Holy Week.  At the risk of sending a few people off the deep end, I’m going to publically admit that I am not terrifically fond of Holy Week.  Yes, it is the time we observe and, dare I say, celebrate the sacrifice that was made for us.  It is a time of reflection.

But it is also a time that is insanely busy.  First you have Maundy Thursday service. Then Good Friday vigil.  Then all the hoopla that is Easter (both church and family).  For us that’s brunch with my dad, dinner at my sister-in-law’s, church Sunday morning, and then dinner at my sister’s.  We’re missing another dinner because . . . . seriously?  Did you see our schedule?

This year, my family let some of it slide and because we scheduled a trip out of town without realizing that Spring Break and Holy Week coincided.  We got back just in time for brunch.

Fern alongside the road.

Fern alongside the road.

This means that while everyone else was at church and dying eggs, I was at the lake. The boys were doing boy things and I was following a feed plot road.  In this part of Missouri, spring is making an appearance.  The land is still a little grim looking, all grey and brown, but there are also signs of growth, signs of hope.

One of the places that I connect most deeply with God outdoors. It’s easier when I’m alone and the past few days gave me some time to both wander and wonder.

I know, I know. It means I missed time that could have been spent in group worship.  And we missed a dinner.  But I also got to connect with God and having done that I can say it was truly worth it. His message?

Breathe. Just take a moment, stand still, and breathe.

It isn’t a message I would have received in worship or with family but it was definitely a message that I needed to hear.