forgivenessThe word for today is Forgiveness.  Admittedly, forgiveness is something that I need to work on.  While I am confident that God will forgive me, because he’s just awesome like that, I’m not always fantastic about forgiving other people.  Don’t worry, I see the problem with this but that doesn’t make actually forgiving any easier especially when some of the the people I need to forgive are impossible to avoid.  AND the things for which I need to forgive them are ongoing.

I know that I’m not the only person with this kind of a problem.  I’m certain of it because our Sunday school class is studying . . . forgiveness (see the study material to the right).  As we read the Bible and discuss forgiveness and faith, we also tell stories.  I’m amazed how similiar some of them are to my own situation — yet many of these people suceeded in forgiving day after day after day.

Clearly, I have something to take to God in prayer. I can’t do this on my own.