FocusFor those of you who have never used one of these before, it is a loupe or jeweler’s glass.  It magnifies small objects, such as gemstones. This particular one comes complete with a light.  It is my son’s and I’ll probably wonder off with it if he doesn’t put it up.

When I was a kid, the closest thing that I had access to was my grandfather’s magnifying glass. I used it to look at text and rocks and flower petals.  I examined fabric and coins and the mortar holding the bricks in the fireplace.  I loved getting to see the details in all of these things and how they often managed to look familiar yet also mysterious from this up-close perspective.

Something else that has the same effect if the love of God.

When I’m dealing with my fellow human beings sometimes I only see their flaws and their short comings.  I think that I know them. When I hold them up in prayer and look at them again through the lens of God’s love, they look very different.  They are more nuanced and complicated but also amazing.  God’s love helps me to Focus on the things that God would have me see so that I see that spark of Himself in the people around me.