FaithWhen I think about the religion of my childhood and being raised in faith, I often think about my grandmother and my great aunt Nettie. Anyone who asked what they were, got a funny look.  “Christian.”  Further explanation, when you could get it, told of small town upbringing with churches so small they couldn’t afford a pastor.  They shared with several Baptist churches in the surrounding counties sharing one minister, one for the Lutherans, etc.  Where did you go on Sunday?  To whichever church in your town had a minister that week.

Faith was faith.

And that’s pretty much how I feel.  I have worked with and known people of a wide variety of faiths ranging from the Abrahamic religions to Buddhism and Janism.  Learning about their faiths has consistently strengthened my own as well as helping me respect the growing variety in my community and in our world.

Faith is faith.