eagle flying pink couldsWhen I was a child, I was a voracious reader. I devoured every book I could find, and once came across the phrase, “something suddenly went awry.”

Since I hadn’t heard the word in real life and had only ever read it in a book, for years, I thought the word “awry” was pronounced “AW-ree.” Finally, I heard someone use the word in a conversation, thus: “uh-RYE” and realized I had been saying it wrong in my mind all those years.

As a youngster, I also thought that John the Baptist was the founder of the Baptist faith. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized “Baptist” wasn’t his denomination… more like his profession, if you will.

So many times, we may not have all the facts, so we make assumptions. It’s nice to have someone knowledgeable nearby to ask questions, but often, we’re left to our own devices, trying to figure out life as we go along. It could feel like we’re winging it until we learn how to fly.

There are many ways to share your faith with a world in crisis, but to me, the most effective way is this: to offer a kind word. To encourage people. To remind them that help is as close as a prayer. And when you learn how to do it, to fly as high as you can, showing them that, no matter how many times things may go awry, it is still possible to soar.