lampsOn Ash Wednesday, I started my Lenten commitment to look for God in the every day. I’m doing this to reacquaint myself with the Savior who walked as a man among men.  I want to rediscover the Christ who worked with loaves and fishes. Who walked through freshly harvested fields. Who reached out and touched individuals.

Looking for Christ in these small things, I saw the parallel between these reminders of Christ and the love Mother Teresa likens to drops of oil.

“Don’t think that love, to be true, has to be extraordinary. What is necessary is to continue to love. How does a lamp burn, if it is not by the continuous feeding of little drops of oil? When there is no oil, there is no light and the bridegroom will say: ‘I do not know you.’ Dear friends, what are our drops of oil in our lamps? They are the small things from everyday life: the joy, the generosity, the little good things, the humility and the patience. A simple thought for someone else. Our way to be silent, to listen, to forgive, to speak and to act. That are the real drops of oil that make our lamps burn vividly our whole life. Don’t look for Jesus far away, He is not there. He is in you, take care of your lamp and you will see Him.”

– Mother Teresa

This doesn’t mean that we will never find God in the dramatic gesture or the momentous miracle, but miracles are rare things.  We are much more likely to find God in the still, small voice and the subtle gesture, the glow of a lamp or the symmetry of a snowflake.

He is there, all around you, every day.