humanSorry that I’m so late getting this one up. Let’s just say that if something can avoid going as planned it will.

Today’s word is Human.  As part of our Ash Wednesday service, we read Now you can’t actually see the human in this photo but in the center of the image is a snowplow.  What does this have to do with Lent or God or faith?

So often when we go about God’s work or go into worship, we are able to do so only because of the efforts of men and women who we do not know.  They may not do their work in secret but we simply don’t encounter them.

At about noon today, it started snowing.  It snowed on and off through rush hour.  As we arrived for choir rehearsal before our Ash Wednesday service, this man was plowing our parking lot so that we could enter worship safely.

Many people impact our worship and our time with God even though we may be unaware of the work that they do.  Tonight, I asked God to help me be more aware of his helpers at work in my community.  Please take a moment to thank God for those who are in the background but in some way make your own worship possible.