photo a dayWhat are you giving up for Lent?

I have to admit I’ve never been wild for this particular practice.  Intellectually, I understand it.  You are sacrificing as God/Christ sacrificed. On one level I get it.  I can repeat the words.  On another level I just don’t care.

In part the problem is that I wasn’t raised with this tradition. As a child, it was carefully explained to me that this was a Catholic practice. The picture that you should be getting here is that this is something they do.  It is not something we do.

As an adult, I’ve never accepted that explanation. I have given things up for Lent in the past when I felt that doing so would help me focus. One year I gave up soda. Lent without soda ruined my relationship with this now too-sweet beverage.

A big part of the problem this year is the loss of my friend. And my father just had surgery. And our choir director quit. And I realized how close my son is to leaving for college. I guess I’m just a tad tapped out.

I’ve been praying again but I’m just not feeling that connection with God. It isn’t Him.  It’s me.  Although that sounds like a break up line, we aren’t breaking up.  We aren’t even having a trial separation.

So how do I go about restoring the connection? My plan is to look for God in the everyday.  I don’t expect it will be easy and I will probably need several dozen nudges.  Because of this, I’m taking part in the Alive Now Lent Photo-a-Day Practice.

Because so many people are visual and actively “looking” for God, the challenge is to look for Him in a particular area each day, take a photo, and share it on social media.  I plan to show mine here.  Where do you to look for God each day?  Beth Richardson, editor of Alive Now, and her team created a list.

I know that reestablishing my connection will take time.  It’s like filling an empty vessel.  But photo by photo, drop by drop, I’m going to seek that connection in the coming weeks.  I know He’s there. I just need to look.