Tadvent 2omorrow is the second Sunday of Advent and those who celebrate will light the candle of Peace.

Peace.  I’d like to place an order for Peace Plus, please. In addition to San Bernadino, one of our local high schools issued a “threat warning.”  None of the students were allowed to bring back packs or purses to school.

Then there are me and mine. My father’s first round of medical tests came back negative which may sound like a blessing, but if it wasn’t what they tested him for, what is it?  When a former stroke patient appears confused, you worry. Confusion is a symptom of everything from COPD, sleep apnea, exhaustion, and stroke. If only we could look at this list and say, “Nope.  Not that or that.” But with his history these options are all still on the table.

There’s a virus going around. My son missed a week of school.  My husband missed work. For only the second time ever, I had to ask an editor for an extension on a deadline. Is it any wonder why?

I’d like to place an order for Peace Plus, please.  And I’d be willing to bet I’m not the only one.  As personal as the turmoil around me feels at the moment, I know it isn’t mine and mine alone.

I may not manage to be centered 24/7 but I have managed to find a few islands of peace throughout the week. It probably isn’t surprising that choir rehearsal and church service serve this purpose.

But for me, so does making cookie dough and baking a cake. Whenever I work with my hands and create something, I feel a connection with my Creator. It’s soothing and a little peaceful.

The same holds true when I reduce the chaos in my life. At the moment, there’s a lot that I can’t reduce, but I’ve been working on the house with the help of my now healthy husband and son. Every evening, we spend about 10 minutes cleaning something up.  Each of us chooses a task or two.  In a week we cleared the living room and the dining room.  For weeks, my prayer life has suffered.  But now that I have two clean rooms, I actually want to sit in there and pray.  I don’t know why but it feels peaceful.

I’d like to place an order of Peace Plus, please. I can ask him for Peace, but I’m beginning to realize that I have to put some effort into making myself ready to receive it. What about you? Do you need to place an order?