NaomiLast Sunday, Pastor Sean finished a sermon series on Ruth.  This time, he discussed Naomi and Ruth finding a place with Boaz.  If you don’t know this particular Bible Story, you can find it here.

What impressed me about this story, and was emphasized in Pastor’s sermon, was the fact that here was God at work but there were no big miracles.  No one was healed.  The sea didn’t part.  Water was still water, and not wine, at the end of the day.

Instead God was at work through day-to-day events. He was with Naomi as she chose Boaz’s fields to glean. He was with Boaz when he decided to welcome Naomi to glean with the women under his protection and drink her fill at their water jars.

How do we know God was at work?  Because Naomi and Boaz married. Their son was the grandfather of King David, ancestor of Christ. All of this through day-to-day choices that at the time wouldn’t have seemed at all world changing.

It’s enough to make me wonder about the ho-hum choices I make each day.  Who will be impacted because I’ve donated books to a sale, welcomed one of my son’s friends to the table for dinner, or taken homemade baked goods to a friend?  None of them are big decisions.

It also mas me thinking about the many times that I pray and God doesn’t seem to answer.  Maybe I just don’t see the answer because I’m looking for something BIG, something EARTH SHATTERING, something LIFE CHANGING.

But Naomi’s story shows me that God orchestrates even tiny, day-to-day events. I’ll try to keep this in mind the next time I pray and don’t seem to receive an answer. His response may be right in front of me because of a simple action I’ve taken or a choice I’ve made. It certainly gives “go with God” a whole new meaning.