On my local weather site, meteorologists have been using a phrase that I don’t always associate with weather. “An energy system is coming in, and when it meets this other front, we’ll really have some weather!” said the energetic young weatherman.

I hadn’t really thought of weather as being about energy, but then again, maybe everything is about energy.

When I renovated my shower, the tile contractor came into the house with a lit cigarette in his mouth.  I told him this was a non-smoking house and he put it out. Four hours later, I walked down the hall to see how the job was coming and saw that he was smoking again. “Caught me!” he said. I read him the riot act, but it was too late. He had smoked right into the grout holding the tiles in place, so even though I don’t smoke, my house smelled like charcoal in a chimney for months afterward.

Later that week, the plumber came in to upgrade the shower head, and the experience was vastly different. He was respectful and courteous, informing me every step of the way, even humming as he worked. As you can imagine, the outcome in this case was much more positive.

Energy permeates the products we make and infuses the words we speak – indeed, energy is everywhere.

I’d love it if someone could invent a meter that we could wear around our necks, close to our hearts. It would show us what kind of energy we’re putting into the world, and might give us an idea of how we’re being received by others. Instead of a “FitBit,” maybe it could be called a “HeartPart.” Just a little nudge to remind us we’re all in this life together and a kind word never costs a thing.