Psalm 100Each morning the lectionary for that day arrives in my email.  It includes two morning Psalms, a Gospel reading, another passage and two evening Psalms.  I have to admit that my favorite part is the Psalms, perhaps because they are prayers.

Recently, I saw a prayer exercise in Alive Now that asked you to rewrite a Psalm as your own prayer.  I did this with Psalm 100.  This is probably my all-time favorite scripture because of the reminder that we didn’t create ourselves.  We belong to God; see the original scripture to the right.

Holy Lord,

Here us as we praise you from many lands.  Help us remember that you are the Creator.  You made us all.  We are all part of your creation.  We did not create ourselves. We owe what we have and are to you.

Blessed are you, oh Lord – the source of all that is good, the source of saving grace, the source of Truth for all mankind yesterday, today and tomorrow.


That doesn’t look much like the original, does it?  I tried to “translate” the Psalm verse by verse but the end result was repetitive and disjointed feeling.  It was only when I took notes about what the Psalm meant to me and set aside the original that I could create my prayer.

It would almost certainly be easier to simply read the Psalms with a Holy Father at the beginning and an Amen at the end.  But somehow, I don’t think it would resonate as deeply with me as does this prayer inspired by a Psalm.

What about your favorite Psalm?  Would you rather pray it as is or create a prayer with it as an inspiration?