R-20101022-0040.jpgWe live in a culture where seeing is believing.  Need proof?  Pinterest, with all its glorious images, is the most powerful social platform. Nothing packs the punch of a single image.  Like Thomas, people need to see to believe.

I have to admit, I’ve always had a great deal of sympathy for Thomas. He had to see and touch to believe, and I get that.  I think this need to see and touch is why some people have a hard time developing faith.  God feels so out there, so far removed.  He doesn’t feel tangible or real.

But, you see, that’s where we come in.  We are the body of Christ.

Whether your talent is healing or music, as you walk through the world, you give people the opportunity to see Christ’s light and Christ’s love in action.  As you pull someone up or serve them a hot meal, you touch them as Christ would touch them.  Through you, they see him.  Through you, they can come to know him.

The truth is that we are Christ’s hand and Christ’s feet.  Where we go, he goes.  As we give where others would take, we enable people to see the wound in Christ’s side and the holes in his hands. He sacrificed so we sacrifice.  He gives so that we live.

I know, it’s hard to believe that something so simple could help people see Christ. Like Thomas, you need to see the proof.

To see it, be his hands. Be his feet. It may not be Pinterest pretty but you will see His Love reflected back at you as you carry it into the world.