Hosanna“What does hosanna mean?” This was the question that Pastor Sean asked during the children’s message.  My friend and I in our choir pew were certain we knew.  “Wow. Adoration. Praise.”

Fortunately, Pastor wasn’t asking us, because we were in for a surprise.  It actually means save us.


It took some time for that to sink in.  The delay wasn’t because we were wrong.  We’re used to being wrong.  We’re the mothers of teen boys.  It comes with the territory.

It was the perfection of it.

Save us.

What a perfect way to greet the Savior whose grace opens the way and creates a path for all who would follow him. It’s perfection, because we can’t do it on our own.

Left to us, Easter focuses on candy and new clothes, Easter egg hunts and Pinterest worthy brunches.

Left to us, salvation becomes something we have to earn. Left to our own devices, we try to buy salvation with good works and to assure ourselves that we are more worthy than that guy over there.


Save us.

Save us with your mercy.

Save us with your grace.

Save us from the foolishness

of thinking we can do it ourselves.