Columba of IonaNot surprisingly, I’ve been reading about how my fellow bloggers are celebrating Lent. As you know, I’m drawn to interfaith dialogue so I was fascinated when I came across a woman who, for the forty days of Lent, is wearing a hijab.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women.  It covers the woman’s hair, but not her face.

Jessey is wearing hijab, borrowed from a Muslim friend, as an act of hospitality.  As a blonde, blue-eyed American, she wanted to be fully aware of the hostility experienced by those who are obviously “other.”  So she is walking not in their shoes but in their hijab.  You can read about her experience here on her blog.

Wow.  As much as I support interfaith dialogue, I don’t know that I’d have the nerve to do this.  Not with the things that I’ve heard many of my fellow Christians say about Muslims.

Not that Jessey is without loving support – her husband is 100% behind the decision, obviously her Muslim friend supports her and so do many bloggers who have commented on her posts.  In fact, she’s experienced very little face-to-face hostility.

But, she has also been blasted by commenters who suggest:

  • She is supporting ISIS.
  • She try genital mutilation or acid in the face to truly support Islamic woman.
  • She is shaming Christ and the sacrifice that he made for her.
  • She has, in her ignorance, disregarded the history of Christian women who cover their hair.
  • She is disrespecting Eastern Christians who have been persecuted by Muslim.
  • She is vain.

The part that pierces me is that these people, largely women, for the most part claim to be Christian.  Pray for our enemies.  Bless those that persecute you.  And apparently flame the holy wow out of some woman who dares to go beyond fish on Friday.

May God grant us all the courage needed to heed his call, to follow his star and to walk in Faith where we fear to go.