Psalm 111Did you know that Psalm 111 is an acrostic prayer?  On yesterday’s post over at Alive Now, Beth Richardson explained that each line of this psalm begins with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. She also challenged readers to write their own acrostic poem. My own take on this is that you can do it one of two ways:

  1. As a Psalm-styled acrostic, each line beginning with a successive letter of our alphabet.
  2. As a poetic acrostic in which the beginning letters of each line spell out a word.

My tendency is to go with the second type but then what word? You could use PSALM or FAITH. For my own, I went with PRAYERS. Pausing I turn my gaze to You, Oh Lord. Recalling the many gifts You have given me – family, friends, a home and work Are only a few of the many blessings. Yet you also challenge me, Expecting me to speak up and speak out Respectfully representing You in this world. So You with it, so may I do. I’m thinking that this style of acrostic prayer will be a useful tool on days like today when I lack focus and am unsure what to pray.  I can start with a word such as PRAYER, PRAISE, or THANKS.  And on those days that I know what I should be praying about yet cannot find the will to start, I can challenge myself with words like FORGIVENESS or GRACE. What about you?  Care to give it a try? –SueBE