They say a cat’s meow resembles the cry of an infant, that this little trick of genetics helps our bewhiskered companions get their needs met. Of course, like babies, cats cry for different reasons: hunger, discomfort, the desire for attention. And then there are the cries that mean, “I’m bored.” Or, “Why don’t you have a lap right now?” Or, “You know what’s good? Catnip. You should get some of that for me.” In other words, cries that denote no immediate necessity. The annoying kind. At such times, I have been known to call out (to one or another members of my feline flock), “You’re all right!” Alternatively, when the wailing has progressed past the line of my patient resolve, I might shout, “Enough already!” There are times, however, when my tongue gets twisted, and out comes the following bit of inexplicability: “You’re enough!”

You’re enough. It’s not quite a Freudian slip, but worthy of examination nonetheless. How often do you feel a lack in yourself, that frightening feeling that you are not up to the challenge at hand, that you are not good enough, strong enough, enough enough? If you’re anything like me, you experience it far too often. Our own self-doubt can cripple, can keep us from moving forward in those resolutions we make at this time of year. It can keep us from moving forward, period.

So what should you do when you feel you are not enough? Remember this: God made you, and God does not make inadequate things. You ARE enough. You are capable. You are courageous. You can do it, and do you know why? Because God will be with you. All you have to do is ask. God will more than make up for any perceived lack in yourself. This is the God that marched Daniel through the lion’s den, remember? The God that enabled a kid with a slingshot to pulverize a giant! The God that made the impossible possible: Just ask Mary. Or Paul. Or Lazarus.

You really are enough to tackle whatever this new year threatens to throw at you. You are enough to surmount all difficulties. You are enough to work miracles. And if you doubt it for a second, just picture me calling out to you. You are in my prayers, whether I know you or not. Your needs will be met; I truly believe it.

Now excuse me while I rustle up some catnip. Someone just won’t shut up about it.