Mayim Bialik, an actress on the sitcom, the Big Bang Theory, showed up at an event dressed conservatively. The caption in a magazine read, “Because she’s an Orthodox Jew, Bialik is forced to dress modestly.”

Huh. That got my dander up. My point is, what’s wrong with dressing modestly? Unless you’re Amish, or, I don’t know, the Queen of England, people look askance at those who dress modestly.

It seems to me that most of the younger generation of stars are habitually unable to find their pants in the morning. “Chronic Pants Loss” must be a thing now. Why else would they show up, as Beyoncé does with astonishing regularity, with only a sparkly top and sheer hose when performing on stage? Surely she can afford slacks, with all of her money, and Jay-Z’s combined. At least a pair of capris!

Don’t get me started, already. I suppose I’m getting to be an old fogey, but here’s some advice for Miley Cyrus. You’re going to be seeing the chiropractor in your golden years, that’s for sure! Twerking? I don’t think so. In my world, that’s called an involuntary spasm. I think there’s a pill for that, dearie. And – confidentially – it’s really not pretty to look at either.

All that said, I really don’t have a beef with any of these celebrities trying to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. It’s still a free country. When I was young, I wore many an outfit that made my mother shake her head, so I know it’s part of the process of finding yourself and your own style. These young folks can dress any way they see fit, but by the same token, no one else should be made to feel bad for choosing to dress modestly.

It’s a big, wide world, and there’s room enough for all of us – Modest Mayim, Blouse-only Beyoncé, and me, sitting here in my Sensible Shoes and Comfy Cardigan. Now, this is living!