Last week I watched an amazing TED video (see below) with Kimberley Motley.  Kimberly is an American lawyer who works within the Afghani legal system, using the laws and customs of that country to protect women and girls.

In her own words, she works for justness using the law for its intended purpose, to protect.  She reeducates communities about little used or forgotten laws.  She shows fathers and brothers and elders how to protect their own girls. She reminds them that they know what is right and good. And, given these reminders, they choose just-ness.

What does this have to do with prayer and spirituality?  As Lori recently pointed out, it is hard to be spiritual in our consumer driven world. It is hard to do what is right and kind when so many people choose what is cruel but easy.

The thing is I believe that there are a wealth of people out there who know what is right and kind and good. They don’t often speak out or act in obvious ways because they feel outnumbered.  Like us, they feel like they are the only ones.

I’m not saying that we all need to take things to the court room.  After all, we aren’t all lawyers.

Last week at our final meet, I saw what a group of swimmers could do to influence others for good.  As the coaches gave out medals, the winners stood on the starting blocks so that everyone could be photographed by their parents in the stands.

Because relays involve four swimmers per team it gets a little tricky. As one group approached their block, two swimmers stepped up and wouldn’t make space for the others.  They shook their heads no, clearly telling their team mates that they had gotten there first and there just wasn’t room.

One of the swimmers gestured to another block.  On it stood four boys, arms flung around each other’s shoulders as they held each other in place, celebrating their work as a team.

When they saw this, the first two boys made room for their team mates.  No lectures were needed.  No coaches stepped in.  They just had to see someone else doing it to remember “hey, this is what we should be doing too.”

As a Christian, I am often frustrated by the world around me.  But, if I do what is right, I know that sometimes my actions will remind other people that they too know what is good and right and just.  Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder.