2MwGKhLETRSQoHP9UWE4_IMG_1348-3We needed to replace our kitchen sink, so I called a plumber. He was professional and seemed to know what he was doing, but there was one thing I noticed that put me off.  No matter how many times I spoke with him, he never addressed me by name.  He didn’t say, “Ms. Williams,” or even “Ruth” or any name at all.  His emails would start with, “Hi,” and in person, he would just nod and say “Hello.” I think the least any professional person can do is to address you by your name.

“Notes from the Universe,” is a daily affirmation written by motivational speaker, Mike Dooley, and it’s the first email I open each morning. Normally, the email addresses you by your first name to personalize the message, but this is the one I received today:

“Your chosen perspective,    ,  changes everything.”

Those two commas represent the space where my name would normally be. Guess there was a glitch in their email system.

So now, when I get this email that is meant to lift my spirits, I think, oh yeah, this really is just a mass-router, sent to thousands. It’s not personal. It wasn’t tailor-made for me.

That’s why I’m so grateful that God knows me by name. It’s the reason I count my blessings by name every day. It’s important to remember who we are and whose we are. It doesn’t matter what the world calls you, or if people seem to forget you. We were named and claimed before we even came to be. God knows every blade of grass, every drop of rain on every petal. Rest assured, He knows you by name as well.  We’re blessed and beloved, cherished and treasured. Now that’s a personalized message we can count on.