MatthewFor those of you who aren’t familiar with Monty Python, there’s a scene in The Life of Brian when the crowd is listening to Christ deliver the Sermon on the Mount.  Unfortunately, people are carrying on and what not. Everyone is having a hard time hearing, so they misunderstand a few key words.  “Peacemakers” becomes “cheese makers” and “meek” at least briefly becomes “Greek.”

I had a Cheese maker moment last week.  When Pastor Carol gives the children’s sermon, she moves among the children, often with her back to the choir.  Allergens abound this time of year and with my goofy ears, I could have sworn she was talking to the kids about the Opossum Paul.

Who?  What?

Fortunately, it only took me a moment to realize that she was not telling our younger set about a marsupial disciple.  Funny as it was, the whole situation has made me wonder – how often do we mishear God’s message?

We are, after all, flawed creatures.  We get things wrong. A lot.  Even where God’s concerned.  Don’t believe me?  Read the Old Testament when they were wandering in the wilderness. Or read the newspaper and see how many scandals involve people who claim to have God on speed dial.

Clearly we get things wrong on a regular basis even when we are insisting how righteous is our cause.

Fortunately God knows just how hard-of-hearing we can be.  Because of this, he reinforces his most important message to us by repeating himself again and again.  Yes, you have to listen carefully, past the noise of the opossum, but if you do, you will hear His most important message – a message of love.