words of love“I’d really like to see them loose.  They need a lesson in humility.”

I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear this.  The oldest boys on the swim team can be a bit . . . much.  A few of them are scary tall and they thunder through a crowd like a storm.

But if you get to know them, they are amazing people. I watched one of them beg a little guy to get off the rope and keep swimming when he panicked at his first meet. Another coached a six-year old from the other team, telling him when to dive in and cheered him all the way to the far side of the  pool. Then there was the young man who quit flirting to “borrow” my son’s sports drink when I got woozy in the heat.  The speech that one of them gave at the closing banquet brought not only laughs but tears to a few eyes.

Loud?  You bet.

Brass?  In abundance!

I think the problem is that they intimidate us.  These aren’t the cute little guys that we gave birth to fourteen plus years ago, the little bundles of joy that we thanked God for daily.  For the most part, we knew how to handle them when they were that small.

Now, they’re bigger than we are, they have tons of opinions and believe in sharing those opinions here, there and everywhere.  We aren’t quite sure how to handle them.  When that’s the case, can I make a recommendation? Try to see them as God sees them.  Young men struggling to find their way, to be the men they are meant to be. Like us, they are unsure what the future brings but they don’t have our experience in dealing with that uncertainty.

Failure is what they worry about most.  Instead of wishing it on them, they need us to hold them up to Him in prayer.