I’ve got a veritable village of health care people taking care of me these days – doctors, nurses, physical therapists, lab technicians.  It’s a team that’s taken me from being inert in a hospital bed last year to up and around (if wobbly) these days.

I’ve gotten to know my health care specialists pretty well, so I was surprised to learn that a lady on my physical therapy team has health issues of her own.

“But you look so hale and hearty!”  I insisted when she told me she didn’t always feel well.

“Everybody’s got something to deal with,” she said, as she continued to open the mail and adjust the schedule. She strikes me as someone who can do anything she sets her mind to.  Like nothing will ever hold her back.

I told her how much I appreciated her good attitude, and that I felt it was good for her own life, but also beneficial for the patients as we focus on healing.  She said, “Whatever we have to go through, it is what it is.  You’ve just gotta keep going.”

Now that is the gospel truth.

At the local grocery store, I often see a cashier who reels off her troubles to me as she rings up the groceries.  She has health and money woes, as so many do, but here’s the problem:  she believes her life will always be this way.  “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” she shakes her head. She came into a little bit of extra money and of course, her car broke down.  “Just my luck!” she bemoaned.

I’ve come to believe that having a bad attitude is worse than having a chronic condition. Having a disability is beyond your control in most cases; having a negative mindset is completely self-induced. If you can’t find one blessed thing in your life to feel grateful for, you’re just not paying attention.

Sometimes you’ve got to decide that life is worth living before you even see good things manifesting in your life.  Change the story you tell about your own life and – for goodness’ sake – get out of your own way.  Providence, prayer and persistence are all you need to get things headed in the right direction.