I wish I remembered what led me to take up this challenge, but I’ll be honest. I simply don’t recall.  In spite of not remembering how it all began, I decided to write about my project anyway after reading Lori’s post on letting go.  

Each and every day in 2014, I have made a point of letting go of something.  Sometimes it means cleaning off a shelf in the pantry and tossing out all those stale crackers no one is going to eat.  Why hang on to them when every time I see them I simply feel guilty for letting food go to waste?

This afternoon I sorted through a pile of papers on my desk and recycled six articles I read for the paleoanthropology class I took. Why save in print what I have access to online? Besides, when my desk is cluttered, I’m distracted and anxious whenever I sit down and try to work.

Yesterday, I helped my son clean out a dresser drawer.  Three pairs of too-small shorts went into the stack for the church rummage sale. In addition to benefitting someone who can actually wear them, an organized dresser gives him space for the clothes that are stacked on the floor so I can stop nagging.

How does recycling, donating to a rummage sale or otherwise getting something out of my space make room for God? Clutter distracts us. It weighs us down. When we are crowded by things, especially things we do not truly need or use, they are what we think about. They become our focus.

When I let go of clutter, there is more space in my home and in my heart. My home is more God-filled and ready to welcome whoever He sends our way.