LentThis past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  Most of us think about Lent as a period of self-denial.  Deprive yourself of something you love.  Do this to mirror the sacrifice that Christ made for us all.

I’m all for giving something up, but I have to be honest with myself.  Giving up chocolate or coffee is not going to mirror Christ.  He wasn’t giving up on something that he loved.  He wasn’t giving up on us at all.  He made the sacrifice that he did because he wasn’t giving up on us.

How can we truly mirror Christ for Lent?  Give yourself time and quiet to connect with God.

Once he entered his ministry, Christ’s time was in demand.  People followed him.  They opened up the roofs of houses to get to him.  Sometimes he had to climb on board a boat to put a little space between himself and the people.

If you’re a mom or a teacher or a pastor or someone who volunteers at their church, I don’t have to explain this to you. You get it. As much as you give, as much as you do, there is always more that needs doing.  There is always someone else waiting there with a task for you.

Mirror Christ this Lent by giving yourself time and quiet. Christ periodically took himself away to a quiet corner, often in a garden, to pray. I’m convinced that he did this not only so that he could speak to God but also so that he could listen, so that he could breathe in the peace that God offers to us through His strength.

During Lent, mirror Christ.  Give yourself time and quiet to decompress and connect with God.