Thursday is rapidly becoming my favorite day. Not only is it the day that I typically write my latest post, but it has become, for me at least, that rarest of things — an oasis of calm in my hectic week. The work week starts on Monday with a slew of chores that somehow piled up during the wide-open freedom of the weekend. Tuesday builds to Wednesday, always a busy, constricted day, bounded in part by preparation for — and the actual recording of — my radio show ( When Wednesday night falls, I suddenly see the end of the week hurtling toward me, and I am not ready for it.

Into the chaos slides Thursday, always surprising me with its blessing of one more day to get things done before FridaySaturdaySunday falls on me with its own list of commitments and strictures (yes, free time can be a stricture, especially if you feel bound and determined to enjoy it, at any cost, because there is so little of it, and you will have to wait an entire week for more).

So here’s to Thursday, a day we need, falling just when we need it. It is one of many things — seemingly small things — that bring hope and happiness to our lives.

The Size of Hope

“When you’re at the end of your rope,
tie a knot and hang on.”
It is a lie to say this.
A rope is bigger
than you require.
You can hold on to a splinter
if you need to,
and it will hold you.
Just pick it out
from among the rubble
of your life, see it shining
like the proverbial needle.
Reach for it.
When your hand closes on it, decide:
The center will hold
because I say so.

Because though my faith is smaller even
than a splinter (—a mustard seed,
so small the splinter dwarfs it),
the whole of God is in it.
This is the size of hope.