SerenityBy the time the meeting ended, I was frustrated and more than a little angry.

We had gathered together to study the word of God. Ironically, our topic was the point at which the Israelites forgot how bad it had been in Egypt and started complaining to Moses about how bad they had it now. Thirst vs enslavement and degradation.

I say ironically, because we only managed to stick with our topic for a brief while before someone made a “good old days” comment. You know what I mean.  “I can’t believe how bad things are now vs when I was a kid.”

Wow. Talk about irony.

I’m not sure if I was the only one who saw it or not but I do know that I failed to find a polite way to steer the conversation back to the lesson.  Instead, it turned into a 30 minute gripe-fest about how awful teens are, how bad the schools are and don’t even get us started on …

It isn’t like everyone joined in, but those of us who didn’t join in remained silent. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I just wasn’t sure how to turn things around gently.

Because I was worried about offending them, I kept my mouth shut. By the time the meeting ended, I was completely bummed out and not even sure I’d be back.

Then I saw the serenity prayer.  I think this situation weighed so heavily on me because I knew that someone should have done something.  And, really, except for my worry about offending someone, there’s no reason that someone couldn’t be me.  There really is no reason to let someone turn an opportunity for learning into a gripe-fest.

Yes, it will take time and it will take prayer, but God will give me the words I need.  I just need to ask and to listen for his answer.