Room for GodDo you leave space for God in your day?

I know. Some days are just plain busy. You hit the ground running in the morning and collapse into bed at night and every moment in between is full. Some days are like that.

The problem is that if every day is like that you probably aren’t connecting to God. And if you aren’t connecting to God you are eventually going to whither. You need that connection!

I’m not going to tell you that you have to go on retreat for several days, although that sure would be nice. And I’m not going to preach about the importance of an hour spent in meditation. It’s really hard to meditate when you are wondering what the kids are taking apart because the fact that they are being so quiet is suspicious.

Instead I’m going to give you 4 ways to connect with God in your daily life.

  1. Put on lotion. Yes. Put on hand lotion. You can’t do anything until you rub it in anyway. While you do, consider the ways that you see God’s hand at work in your life.
  2. Coloring with the kids. Drawing while you pray is one way to meditate. While the children color, you can color too. You can illustrate your favorite prayer or draw pictures that remind you of the people who are on your prayer list.
  3. Walking. Walking prayer is one of my favorite ways to pray. I started doing this walking my son to grade school. Admittedly, I didn’t pray until after I dropped him off but I had the ten minutes it took me to get home.
  4. Folding laundry. Mowing the lawn. Shoveling snow. Pulling weeds. Washing dishes. Do you get where I’m going with this? Tedious jobs keep your hands busy but let’s your mind turn to God. While you wash the dishes, pray for the health of those you just fed. Pray for those who grew, harvested and sold the food. Pray for those who don’t have enough to eat. Washing dishes can be tedious which makes it a perfect task to lose yourself in prayer.

Yes, some days are busy. Those days may not give you much time to spend with God but you can make space if you try. A few seconds here. Ten minutes there. Connect with God where and when you can on those busy days and it will keep you going until you have time for a more meaningful conversation with Our Father.